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So thrilled to have my poem 'Storm' published in Orbis Literary Journal November 2018


Absolutely delighted to have my poem 'The Garden on Chaffcombe Road' in response to Patrick Kavanagh's 'The Long Garden'
included within the pages of 'The Lea-Green Down' edited by Eileen Casey

Fiery Arrow Press launched The Lea-Green Down - 
a collection of responses to the poetry of  Patrick Kavanagh, edited by Eileen Casey.

These new poems, by over 60 contributing poets, are presented alongside the poems from which they draw inspiration; by kind permission of The Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Trustees through the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. 

Kavanagh Scholar and Academic Dr Una Agnew launched the collection.


I am delighted to have my work included in a special edition 
'Reading the Lines' a celebration of 1916 Ireland from Live Encounters May 2016

'First Light'

'Brutal Peace'

LE Esater 1916 Special Edition May 2016c

Please click on the following link 



So pleased to have my poetry 

'Across Moon and Stars'
'The Watchmaker'
'Blue Willow'
'Eastern Promise'
'The Mind Fisher'
'Our Pergola'

Profile Doreen Duffy Live Encounters Poetry May 2016

included in Live Encounters Magazine May 2016 please click on the following link


I was delighted to have my poetry 

'Duck Feathers'

'Repair Winter Hands'
'Gone Fishing'
'Final Journey'

Profile Doreen Duffy The Hands of Time Live Encounters Poetry April 2016

published in Live Encounters Magazine April 2016 please click on the following link



'The Strawberry Beds' 

James Joyce Bridge - looking downstream

I recited this poem on Usher's Quay, The James Joyce Bridge for a Storymap event.   

Take the river Liffey
out on the town
show her a good time

as the bells of Christchurch
start to chime, catch her drift
and let her take you home

Out past Island Bridge
where if you listen 
as you go
you will hear
the ghostly hooves
that ride
beside you
heading home

to Strawberry Beds
at the water's edge
where trees, roots deep
bend gracefully into shade

A spill of red
pours over
the summer evening sky

where mirrored waters
ebb and flow

still drawn
to the sweet
taste of home

It was also highly commended in The Rathmines Writers Poetry Competition.


I was delighted to have my poetry

'The Box Room'
'Mixing Bowl'
'Essence of Life'

published in Senior Times Magazine 

'The Box Room'

I entered the box room
that holds the key
tight in it's lock
on my memories

Pushed in every corner
piled heavily high,
on creaking boards
against a lifetime of skirting
scuffed by boxes
filled to overflowing

My eyes moved too quickly
took in too much
caught my breath in my open mouth
reached out my hand to touch
The carriage returned
and as the bell rang
my ears strained to hear
snatches of conversations
from long past years,
they leaked between cardboard lids
where tape too old to keep lips sealed
replayed them in my head

My eyes adjusted, rested at last
on the radiogram, record stacked
ready for it's needle to crackle across
heavy black vinyl, 'his master's voice'
Spinning on seventy eight
to the rhythm 
of my mother's toes
pushing the pedal of the singer
while she sewed
lines of memory
into my life
now treasured, kept
within these walls
of this the greatest room of all
although at first glance it may seem small


My Poem 'Eastern Promise' awarded second place in The Jonathan Swift Poetry Awards

'Eastern Promise'

Back and forth
these letters
more frequently at first
kept me going
drip fed my heart
eased away the hurt

So fragile
like tissues with
red and blue edges
envelopes unfolded
a lens on a life line
within translucent pages

I saw you in paddy fields
moist beneath
tired feet
aching limbs
pressed footprints
where sallow soles had been

Narrowed eyes
quietly stared
beneath a wide tilted brim

while chimes tolled
of the last fires
against an orange sky

Your language smothered
by long drawn out tails
of sentences in high pitched screams
from throats of ghosts
where broken stones in temples
brought you to your knees

I can't turn
the last page
your words are clouded
in my mind
racing thoughts mirror
my view on cold grey skies

I know this is the day
this is the letter
I will not read to the end
your heart has been recaptured
but mine will yours remain



My poem 'Blue Willow' highly commended in The Jonathan Swift Poetry Awards

'Blue Willow'

I saw you first
among those Japanese hills
washed beneath
the water falls
your shape drew me
in the coolness came later
the hard edges much later
your picture of life
flowers on a vine
intricate, involved
in too deep I lifted the lid
on which there's no thread
to pick up and follow my sins
I can't close you
seeped over the edge
I have become the secret


My Poem 'The Naked Truth' highly commended European Week Against Racism

'The Naked Truth'

Don't let the words come
that would cause me to lose
my breath
dare to breathe instead
white heat into bones
close down all thoughts
that are yours alone
untie your skin
loosen it at your neck
allow the folds to fall
like clothes
on a changing room floor
draw me close
dance from light to dark
tightly slowly
close your eyes
until I can see
you on the inside
bare your soul


'Adjust Your Mindset'

My Poem 'Adjust Your Mindset' awarded third place European Week Against Racism

Don't tell me what colour you are
or the shape of your eyes or your face

let me make up my mind
let me see for myself, without revealing your race

Do your veins run blue
on the long journey through your body
to keep you alive

is your heart a good heart
is it beating in time
is it red and vibrant like mine

Do your words float on breath
from lungs white with air
can you inhale the scents all around

are your eyes showing pictures in all the world's colours
can your ears hear the beauty of sound

If we share these colours 
like so many others 
then the difference is all in our minds
Our bodies the same
sisters and brothers
identical on the inside 




  1. Thank you Doreen for contributing your fabulous poems to Live Encounters Poetry April 2016.

  2. Sheila Jacob has left a new comment on your post "

    I've just found your Blog via Eileen Casey's. I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment on your poems but I love them, I love their movement and freedom ,their honesty and their delicious well-chosen images. Good luck with your work and your Blog.

    Posted by Sheila Jacob to DoreenDuffy at 5 October 2014 04:33